Slipped Discs

If you are someone who frequently does physical labor, you have probably heard of the much-feared slipped disc. At the Fort Lauderdale chiropractic office of Dr. Maryam Jafarieh, we can assist patients with managing the pain from this ailment in a non-addictive, minimally invasive manner. But it is helpful for patients to understand what a slipped disc means for their bodies.

Slipped discs are also called herniated, ruptured, and bulging discs, which describes them more accurately. The discs between the articulated vertebrae have gelatinous centers and thick, fibrous outer rings. Sometimes, the gel in the center pushes into the outer ring, and in the worst cases, it seeps all the way outside the disc. This puts painful pressure on the surrounding tissues and prevents the disc from doing its job, which is to cushion the vertebrae against all the jostling they get when the patient moves about normally.

Sudden trauma could rupture a disc, but breaks are generally wear-and-tear injuries. They are frustratingly common, especially as people age, but they are usually able to heal on their own. Spinal adjustments and decompression can help relieve the pain and prevent the disc from pushing on a major nerve, which could cause pain or tingling in the arms if the slipped disc is in the cervical region or in the legs if it is in the lumbar region.

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