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Introduction to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common sources of pain we provide treatment for at Dr. Maryam Jafarieh’s chiropractic office. Our treatments are holistic and non-addictive, but in order for patients to get the best results, they should know more about how osteoarthritis works. Arthritis is inflammation of tissues in and surrounding the joints. While rheumatoid arthritis is a result of an immune system disorder, osteoarthritis is caused by ordinary wear and tear. Specifically, osteoarthritis causes back pain when the cartilage which separates the joints of the spine breaks down. This allows the bones to rub against each other and become misshapen or experience tiny fractures. Broken off bone splinters floating nearby in the body can result in inflammation. People are more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis after they have been still for a long time or during times of low atmospheric pressure, such as before a storm. It is different from degenerative disc disease, in which the spinal

Spinal Decompression

At Dr. Maryam Jafarieh’s Fort Lauderdale chiropractic practice, we heal patients dealing with problematic spinal discs using spinal decompression therapy.  Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is a safe, targeted treatment for any discs wreaking havoc on a patient’s spine or nerves.  Injured discs in the neck and back cause pain, but can also affect the rest of the body.  Herniated discs often have direct impact on the central nervous system, causing more pain to the extremities.  Our doctors can determine if spinal decompression is appropriate for your issue. Spinal decompression is performed with equipment that resembles a table but has moving parts.  Depending on the location of the issue, patients lie on their back or stomach, and are attached to the equipment with padded straps so distraction forces can be applied to the spine.  The treatment alternates between applying distraction forces to the vertebrae and periods of partial relaxation.  The result is the vertebrae slowly